Hidden parts of the internet pages

Internet nowadays is pretty much smooth experience. Media outlets use attractive layouts, A/B headline tests and other advanced internet features.
Everything has holes, though. Similarly to no-clipping in a computer game, one can no-clip to places of the internet sites we were never supposed to see!
Test pages, developers trying new functions, lorem ipsum pages uncovering backbones of the sites.

American news outlet Huffington Post has, for example, an author called Kermit Worthing for trying new features. Among his most famous articles are test safasf99999 or hi. Apparently he is a dog.

Some examples of the internet "backrooms" are here:

Finding internet backrooms is sort of hobby of mine. Most of these pages are hidden on the site search, but can be found through google site full text search.
If you come across some interesting internet backrooms, let me know at fidgetsinner1284(at)gmail(dot)com. Safe travels!

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