about Pentax MZ7 - the panoramic camera

I do not enjoy film photography much. Although I am in my 20s, the novelty of film kind of wore off for me and every time I see all the developed films I have today,
I realize how much money I spent on films and developing. I shoot digital 90% of the time now. From time to time, I like to take black and white panoramas with this lovely small camera.

If you are interested in panoramic photography, this is one of the cheaper and simple ways to get into it. Around 2000, Pentax introduced few cameras with panoramic mask: it simly cuts lower and upper part of the frame and leaves you with wide image in the middle. With adequately wide lens (like 28mm and wider), you can achieve great results. Yes, you can also take a normal photo and crop it in postproduction, but with Penzax MZ7 you already see the panoramic crop in viewfinder, which helps composing. You can take normal 35mm photos too, of course.

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